Maria Grachnova, CEO of dentsu Southeast Europe, about the most valuable tips on a job interview

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Maria Grachnova was invited to give her perspective upon the hiring challenges and more interesting insights about people management in the “HR Guest” section of the Bulgarian digital magazine   

"Everyone can inspire change by dreaming strongly, going confidently upwards, inspiring others," said Grachnova. Addressing various topics related to job interviews, mandatory questions, what matters when interview a candidate, how much matters the chemistry of the first impression, Grachnova talks about heard answers, and conscious choices. The employer is obliged to approach anyone with an unencumbered consciousness and to avoid even the so-called "unconscious biases".  

When comes to tips for persons who go to interviews and the employer's attitude, trust, attention and respect are the most valuable advises for both sides. “The first impression is the strongest as an effect, but the way we react to it in the process of conversation is the more important factor and it is what defines dentsu group as an inclusive and successful employer.”

Also, the three qualities for the ideal job candidate are based on dentsu’s Eastern philosophy core and the awareness that "we" is more important than "I", and people's understanding is more important than technology.
Another interesting topic is about internship program, in which one in two interns who begin their careers at the agency has remained. 

Grachnova’s first steps in her career were made in media and marketing, a domain that has remained her great professional love. The company she has created became part of the large network of the Japanese communication group dentsu. "We create teams without borders and marketing solutions that our customers can use regardless of the location of their business throughout the region.", said Grachnova

Speaking about the criteria of evaluating the performance of current and future employees, Grachnova said: “The pandemic found us optimized, efficient and cohesive, with clear rules and structure of work. In this sense, it did not change our criteria for evaluating the work, it only changed the ways of communication between us. The only assessment of our work has been and will always remain - the satisfaction of our customers”.

The interview also highlights the work model of dentsu group, after pandemic crises, how people choose to organize, adapt and act responsible in a way to be efficient and keep the balance between professional and personal life. 

Read the full interview in Bulgarian here