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Discount shoppers expect to find value and quality in the same place and are increasingly more concerned about what’s in the food they eat. They trust no name and buy the brand to save money, but one of the challenges the campaign set out to address was that sometimes shoppers feel like they are making compromises on quality.

The rise of value shopping in Canada provided a unique opportunity to rebrand, reinvent, relaunch and disrupt the category of in store brands.


No name was on a mission to address the stigma by reinforcing food quality perceptions and become the go-to brand for smart shoppers looking for quality products at low prices.

The yellow packaging has been a key identifier across multiple categories in grocery stores across Canada and wanted to signal to shoppers everywhere that there is a quality value choice on shelf.


The response was extraordinary – shoppers embraced their long-established love for no name through fan created brand inspired costumes, record breaking social engagements (50% of all twitter engagements were organic) and improved brand perception.

The harmonious marriage of creative and media provided an impactful and memorable experience to shoppers; whether it was on the commute to work, watching their favourite TV program or connecting with their friends through Social – no name’s iconic yellow messaging was there front-row and center and disrupted shoppers in their everyday life.

The popularity of the brand tied to the intimate history most Canadians have with the brand added to its cool factor! For a packaged good brand that prides itself on being brandless and minimalist, no name was able to transform perceptions while remaining authentic with shoppers.

The launch of the no name Simple Check resulted in increased shopper perception of the brand and also grew sales.