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Würth has a niche B2B audience, and we needed a new strategy to bring more people to the upper funnel. Our competitors were benefitting in brand building they did to their B2C audiences that trickled down to B2B as well. From 2018 forward we had perfected the lower funnel, but from 2020 on we knew we needed also to address the top of the funnel with more brand building to very specific audiences. 

First, we decided our main audience was the small companies who were not our clients yet. There was a lot of segments due to different set of industries Wurth is offering (Auto-moto, construction, etc.). 

We developed funnel & attribution model w where we analyzed differently non-Würth buyers & Würth buyers and those buyer, who were still not registered but buying online from from Würth website. 


We analyzed and optimized the media from the first visit, to registration, to product page checkout, to cart and then final purchase. We also did a deep analysis on all the actions we had been doing all year. In paid search, we analyzed how to reach the right segments, but in the same time how to avoid B2C users. 

We created ads that were specifically said that this is only for B2B, for business users, to avoid wastage and avoid overspending. At the same time, we created 5 different campaigns based on regions in Croatia & seasonality's, with more than 150 ad groups and more than 2.000 negative keywords. 

We used dynamic ads, smart bidding solutions and perfectly developed personalized remarketing on search and Facebook.

On Display & through video advertising in for example YouTube, by using data trading, we managed to reach users in top funnel who didn’t know about Würth with an objective of raising awareness. This proved to be highly engaging. For example, we had data about auto mechanic owners, small construction companies, etc. as target audiences, and when looking at conversion attribution, we noticed that 80 % of converters saw our ads first through display & video. 

On classified ads, Njuškalo, we position Wurth products in categories machines & tools, where we matched what users are searching for with the perfect Wurth tool. On niche website, webgradnja, we had a special cooperation with high impact banners on display, with PR articles, and we used their newsletter base which is full of B2B customers. 


Our strategy worked extremely well. In 2020 we had an amazing 128% growth in online sale vs 2019. Also, we had 13% higher conversion rate growth in driving new registered users, majority of them being non-Würth buyers, to the website. Our use of targeted brand awareness actions together with detailed level of targeting were the secret of success. 

Because we started with brand building, we were able to target better, save money, be more efficient in delivering our target audience. We grew conversions 110% YOY and had 88% more transactions YOY with our new strategic approach of attacking the upper funnel.