Agency: Isobar | Market: Poland
Client: Novozymes

Our global ecosystem depends on healthy water systems. By 2025, 1.6 billion people will be living in areas of absolute water scarcity, so protecting this precious resource is core to the Sustainable Development agenda. Globally, we produce huge amounts of wastewater that, when treated, can provide a sustainable water supply. Rapid wastewater treatment requires chemicals that can have negative consequences long-term, while gentler approaches can take weeks. Until now.

The digital team at dentsu agency Isobar in Poland, worked with wastewater treatment experts Novozymes to develop Plant Assistant, an app that can accelerate analysis of water samples from weeks to seconds, allowing for natural microbe treatment rather than the use of harsh chemicals.

The app uses image recognition software and artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionise wastewater analysis. It can examine a water sample image from a microscope, determine the type of bacteria in the water, and suggest the best and most gentle, biological method of treatment.

For environmental professionals working at remote wastewater facilities, the app is like having a laboratory right there in your pocket, enabling the right decisions.