Play Attention - Calling Focus to Gaming

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Gaming isn't just a trend—it's a $320 billion market, and our latest Attention Economy research reveals why it's a game-changer for advertisers.

Using cutting-edge eye-tracking technology, we measured attention across Twitch, Activision Blizzard, and Anzu to better understand livestreaming, rewarded video, and in-game environments. To break down our insights, we offer a play-by-play of ways brands can win attention in the complex media landscape.

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Celebrating 5 Years of dentsu’s Attention Economy 

We’ve worked with leading measurement partners to create the world’s most profound attention data collection panels, revolutionizing the way the advertising industry plans, measures, and buys media. 

We’ve codified the most advanced definition of attention and built accurate benchmarks for attention standards across channels. 

We’ve created proprietary Attention prediction models with Lumen so that we can plan, measure, and activate attention across platforms 

Now, we must come together as an industry and unite ourselves around a common framework to drive standardization of attention. 

dentsu is excited to be a unifying force to help marketers unlock their next path to growth.

Industry Leading Attention Research

dentsu’s Attention Economy was the industry’s first attention-focused study and is the world’s largest in scale and scope of its kind. We're proud to have received the 2021 Market Research Society Award for Media Research.

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30+ Partners: We’re constantly partnering with new platforms to understand attention opportunities and build our cross-channel knowledge base.