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Dentsu Consumer Navigator: Digital Ownership

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Recent buzz around generative AI is creating a halo for other emerging technologies. As people experience what generative AI can do first-hand, they're starting to wonder about what other technologies the future holds. The metaverse, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other new tech are piquing their interest, sparking conversations about how these innovations could shape our lives down the road.

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Tracking American Sentiment

Since March 2020, dentsu has fielded a monthly US consumer survey to better understand what consumers continue to value and de-prioritize as the coronavirus crisis evolves. Heading into the third year of the pandemic, it’s clear our lives haven’t changed – they are changing, and will continue to do so. 

As of January 2024, financial concerns and inflation are driving many consumers to be more budget conscious than normal and cuts to essential and discretionary spend are expected.

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