If you are currently treating Amazon purely as a sales channel, you’re missing out on the huge opportunities that exist from using Amazon’s first party data sets coupled with their large and diverse media portfolio. Amazon is a no-brainer for in-market data and segmentation, but their deep shopper data provides a robust foundation for well-informed lifestyle segments as well.  

The truth is, you don’t have to sell on to succeed with Amazon.  

Amazon has a diverse media portfolio accessible to all brands. 

As the #4 digital media property in the U.S., Amazon advertising options have grown significantly beyond Search and Display. Fire TV is now 2nd to Roku and has grown significantly in the OTT space since their launch of IMDb TV. Advertising options are now available on the Echo through Amazon Music, Amazon’s free app for non-Prime members. Your brand can also work with Amazon to produce voice activations by developing skills for Alexa or sponsoring publisher skills.   

Amazon also offers unique OOH opportunities. All of their owned assets can be used as a canvas for brand messaging, including Amazon Lockers, Fresh bags, and even the iconic Amazon box itself. As Amazon builds out their brick & mortar footprint with Amazon Go stores, Whole Foods, Four Star, and Amazon Fresh locations, it will connect the offline space with online in a way that no other media partner can match.  

You can utilize Amazon’s predictive data for all industries. 

Now layer on the Amazon data trail: your complete purchase history, every shipping address and credit card you’ve ever used, every gift (whether through an Amazon wedding or baby registry or not), and 128MM vehicle makes and models that are registered through Amazon Garage. Amazon streaming behaviors can also be targeted: Amazon Prime Video habits and interests, shows, movies, and genres, Amazon Music, and even Audible books. The list goes on and on.   

As always, ensure that your KPIs align to your objectives based on your audience strategies. There’s an Amazon targeting and media solution to reach your audience at every stage of the funnel.