Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how their personal data is used and stored. Our recent research shows that 8 in 10 consumers would like more control over the personal information that they give to brand owners. (1) 

And Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands need to take action now to show that they're aware of this. That's because nearly half (46%) of the people we surveyed agree they would prefer to receive an inferior service than share even basic personal data such as their location and age. (2) 

Building strong data foundations will ensure that CPG brands remain competitive as we approach 2030. Harnessing data about consumers and their behaviors is already necessary to produce targeted and personalized ads to prompt them to either take part in brand-owned digital experiences or to encourage them to buy branded products from third-party vendors.  

The erosion of third-party cookie data means that brands that provide value exchange-based interactions to consumers to create a flow of first-party customer data will be in the best place to thrive. For instance, Mondelez has launched Oreo iD, an online service for consumers to create their own Oreo designs while requiring them to submit data to purchase. (3) 

Brands also need to invest in responsible data governance to ensure that customers feel comfortable with their storage and management of this first-party data. PepsiCo is a good example here. It has worked on building its own internal customer data platform based on establishing a more cohesive infrastructure to house the data in a responsible way and provide clear operational benefits. “Collecting data for data’s sake is suboptimal” is the view from the corporation. (4) 

To learn more about how consumer expectations for the future will transform the CPG sector, download the full CPG 2030 report here. 

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