Brady Flaherty

SVP, Global Salesforce Practice Lead

A 25-year enterprise software veteran,  Brady leads a global team of experts to develop solutions across Salesforce’s ecosystem that drive digital transformation and first-class customer experience. Prior to leading Dentsu's Salesforce practice, Brady led the Salesforce CXM business at DEG, a dentsu company. 

Brady’s career spans successful tenures at IBM, HP, and Mergertech. He also found and led enterprise technology solution provider Altos Technology Group. He has worked with some of the largest technology, financial, and consumer goods brands in the country, including Chevron, Facebook, Google, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Gallo.

 When he's not equipping clients with innovative Salesforce capabilities, Brady spends his downtime mountain biking, surfing, skiing and racing with his family. Brady and his family also help organize and support the BetterThanEzra Foundation which contributes to grammar school programs.