The future of creativity is collaborative

When we look at 2022 and beyond, we see a profound shift away from traditional centers of commerce, community and connection. What we see most profoundly is a great decentralization, powered by virtual economies, crypto-currency, climate anxiety and distributed workforces. A shift towards networks of choice, passion, collective ownership and mutual reward. Alongside this trend, we also see a profound desire for self-sufficiency, fueled by rising climate anxiety. We see a significant shift among major manufacturers from a consumption-based economy to a circular economy, empowering users to reuse, repair and repurpose. Brands and businesses can play a powerful role not only connecting to consumers but connecting communities to one another.

Missed the Festival this year? Download our latest installment in our Rewind series: our Strategy team recapped what all marketers need to know about the work celebrated at Cannes 2022.

dentsu at Cannes Lions

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