Brands need to know where their products are at any given time in any part of the transaction, from manufacturing to distribution, to end sales to customers. The power to track a single item from creation to sale is now possible thanks to Dentsu Tracking, a part of the Dentsu Commerce network.

Dentsu Tracking’s solution ensures near real-time availability of data, meaning an almost instant response to macro-level queries, (for example, identification of trends and anomalies, or market statistics) or micro-level queries (for example, inspection and verification of a item, or a specific warehouse, or a specific truck).

This solution is more rigorous than any existing system due both to its size and to the regulatory requirement for online enforcement. Online enforcement means that data is not just being passively stored. Instead, at every step there is a process of data reporting, validation, and authorization, all happening in less than sixty seconds.

This means billions of unique items, being tracked at thousands of sites from manufacturers to retailers across the world.
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