Now is the time for brands and retailers to offer digital solutions to customers in their time of need. Using Isobar Fast Track, in partnership with Adobe, businesses and brands can digitally transform themselves in weeks instead of months or quarters.

Fast Track is an adaptable set of solutions that serve as a guide for any commerce or digital transformation engagement. Just like pilots use checklists, charts, and standard objectives for predictable outcomes, Fast Track uses Adobe solutions to answer the critical questions of any program: What, Why, and How?

Fast Track is broken down into three phases:

  1. Imagine: to understand what and why;
  2. Prepare: to articulate process, organization and technology;
  3. Move: to drive action and results

From zero to actionable solutions in 45 days, Fast Track powered by Magento will solve the immediate problems of today, acknowledging the significant shift in the digital economy due to COVID-19, while laying the framework for expansion, development, and long-term wins of tomorrow.

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