Accelerating 1:1 conversational experiences

Introducing Intelligent Messaging, the first-of-its kind, full suite of end-to-end messaging innovations designed to accelerate 1:1 customer experiences with conversational messaging, AI-amplified assistance, and human connection, exclusively from dentsu.

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Why Intelligent Messaging?

Brands and businesses, both enterprise and SMB, are seeking ways to build 1:1 personal relationships with customers, reduce friction, improve customer experiences, and shorten the path to purchase while increasing sales, loyalty, and customer joy.  

Consumers are seeking more than just websites and business apps: 76% are frustrated with impersonal experiences and 90% of consumers want brands to interact with them in preferred channels – SMS, social media, or chat apps.  

Intelligent Messaging matters: According to Meta, over 1 billion people message a business on Meta’s platforms weekly yet 50 million messages go unanswered by brands; 75% of global customers want to message businesses and 66% are more likely to shop with businesses they can message. 

Simple, connected experiences drive growth: $402 billion a year is left on the table by companies that fail to provide simple experiences to their consumers. Plus, customers who feel emotionally connected and have positive experiences are likely to spend 140% more than those who don’t. 


Of customers say messaging is the easiest, most convenient way to contact a business.


Of customers expect to message businesses more with customer service questions.


Of customers expect to use messaging more to make purchases.


Of customers expect messaging will create better customer experiences.

A full suite of end-to-end solutions to accelerate your brand and business

Now, for the first time, dentsu is bringing together a full suite of Intelligent Messaging solutions across five key service areas. Each solution is modular and designed to work together or independently. Tackle a specific challenge or custom build an end-to-end solution that accelerates your brand and business goals. 

How Can Intelligent Messaging Grow Your Business?

Extend media to CRM

Go from campaigns to conversations by creating click-to-chat or scan-to-chat opportunities across multiple customer touchpoints such as on-pack promotions, in-store signage, events, websites, social media, paid media, and more. Launch 1:1 conversations from almost any media imaginable.

Personalize promotions, product selection and purchase

Provide personalized AI-powered product education, product selection and guided selling tailored to customers’ unique tastes and choices.

Generate and qualify leads with AI-powered assistance

Gather customer insights and qualify leads through AI-powered question and answer flows that drive action, from downloading a report to booking an appointment or offering additional advice.   

Boost your audience, opt-ins and 1:1 conversations

Connect opt-ins from organic or paid media to CRM; send tailored 1:1 marketing messages that integrate into your overall marketing and messaging strategy.

Increase engagement and participation

Provide ongoing 1:1 communications for product announcements, how-to's, tips and tricks, event activations, loyalty rewards, exclusive access, promotions, appointment booking, and shoppable moments.

Amplify assistance with always there customer care

Provide immediate responses to customers' FAQs, create efficiency with AI-powered support agents, and seamlessly connect customers to human-powered support teams for more complex inquiries. 

What Does It Mean for Brands?

Increase Sales, Customer Satisfaction, and Lifetime Value

Forge deeper connections, generate leads, and enhance customer satisfaction from discovery to loyalty through 1:1 messaging channels.

Integrate Experiences Seamlessly

Easily incorporate Intelligent Messaging into existing customer experience designs, marketing strategies, social media plans, technology stacks, and industry-leading ecommerce, and CRM platforms.

First-To-Market Advantage

Gain early access to alpha and beta products along with technology updates and tailored solutions to drive innovation and growth.

Introducing the Meta Messaging Alliance

Dentsu and Meta are joining forces for a global Meta Messaging Alliance to provide joint clients with access to alpha and beta products across Meta Business Messaging platforms including Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp and dentsu's latest proprietary innovation solutions.   

 As a Meta Business Messaging Partner, dentsu is able to provide clients access to both dentsu and Meta product teams to create bespoke solutions. Dentsu is also the first global agency network solution provider for WhatsApp Business.  

The alliance harnesses new advancements in technology and customer transformation to create what’s next. 

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