Dentsu Announces d.SCRIPTOR, Proprietary Generative AI Tool Powering Creative Messaging Efficiencies in Paid Search

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NEW YORK, Sept 12, 2023 – Dentsu today launched d.SCRIPTOR, a new proprietary tool enabling paid search practitioners to leverage the power of AI to assist with ad copy development. The new tool is only available to dentsu clients and can be utilized across any search platform to unlock creative messaging opportunities that drive improved engagement rates, increase the velocity and scale of experimentation, and dramatically reduce the time required to perform optimization tasks.   

“By combining the power of Generative AI with human insights, we’ve created a new-to-market approach that can take our clients’ performance marketing efforts to the next level, while maintaining data privacy” said Brendan Alberts, EVP, Head of Paid Search, dentsu Media US. “d.SCRIPTOR allows us to use AI to speed up processes and scale output while maintaining the critical human element. It’s yet another example of our purpose-built performance toolkit, filling a void in the marketplace while adding to dentsu’s own future-focused suite of AI products to better leverage evolving AI ad solutions introduced by platforms.”  

Creative development in paid search, which includes text ads with various headlines and descriptions crafted to illicit engagement, has traditionally been a mostly manual process, requiring considerable time, creativity, and extensive quality assurance measures. d.SCRIPTOR is an easy to deploy, AI-powered tool that will help dentsu’s clients develop previously unachievable scale and unmet efficiencies. Key product features include:  

  • Significantly Accelerates Ad Creation Process: Leverages Generative AI to accelerate ideation process, while abiding by character limits and other ad copy best practices. Initial estimates indicate up to 6x time savings compared to manual ad copy optimization approach while reducing overall task complexity.  
  • Highly-Relevant, On Brand Ad Copy: Incorporates pertinent information such as current ads, performance insights, and website content to inform ad creation that mirrors brand voice and aligns with existing messaging strategies.  
  • Improves Output, Ad Strength & Engagement: Boosts performance by accelerating experimentation through the total available messaging inputs and by generating highly-relevant messaging to improve ad strength and maximize engagement over time.  
  • Supports Human-Led Review & Refinement: Engineered to enhance human-led ad creation and approval workflows, increasing confidence & minimizing risk. End-to-end integration with leading platforms provides users with the opportunity to QA, refine, and gain necessary approvals prior to upload.  
  • Data Security: Built within dentsu’s enterprise Generative AI models, wherein all data is secured within private dentsu network. Alternative vendors vary, but none support the full ad copy optimization workflow in a cohesive, secure manner like this tool does.  

d.SCRIPTOR was designed by dentsu’s media performance team to meet client demand for AI-enabled efficiencies in search and is first-to-market ahead of the largest search platform partners where the agency network’s clients advertise.   

The tool is part of dentsu’s overall approach to thoughtfully building and integrating AI horizontally across the business. “We have a critical role in the emergence of AI-powered advertising as we look to bridge the gap between available technology and platform readiness,” said Bruce Williams, EVP, Head of Performance Marketing, dentsu Media US. “We believe in the notion of applied intelligence. We have enough artificial today—we want to focus on the purposeful solutions where data-powered analytics and human insights come together to create value-add solutions our clients can trust.” 

Dentsu has begun piloting d.SCRIPTOR with key search clients with plans to scale and grow the offering across capabilities and platforms and expand to additional clients. The tool is the latest dentsu solution to be built within Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI environment following an expanded Microsoft and dentsu partnership announced last month.  

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