Dentsu is a growth accelerator for media and entertainment brands, purpose-built for the modern marketer. We turn brand potential into business performance through smarter experiences, creating attentions and driving subscriptions for some of the world’s largest brands. By innovating at scale and driving systemic collaboration, our solutions are built seamlessly around your content and your customers and powered by meaningful interactions across the entire customer journey. 

We help some of the world’s most prominent media and entertainment brands personalize the customer experiences they serve to their audiences and to their existing customers. As the move from traditional to streaming media is accelerating, the industry is pivoting to subscription-based models to satisfy consumers’ expectations for content on-demand, across multiple devices. We leverage our expertise with mar-tech and ad-tech to help media and entertainment brands adopt customer centric strategies and deliver relevant content and targeted offers.

A sonic journey across America with the voices of Black Excellence

Entertainment Journalist Gia Peppers hosts an authentic audio series, “More Than That with Gia Peppers” to elevate conversations impacting and inspiring Black America. Launched on February 13, the series is a sonic journey across Black America, leveraging conversations between our host, Gia Peppers, and well-known guests about topics impacting and inspiring Black American listeners. Created for Black audiences and produced and distributed exclusively by underrepresented businesses, the series aims to address the inequities in the advertising supply chain by providing a platform for advertisers to engage consumers through entertaining and informative content.

Tune in every week until April 10 for a new episode celebrating conversations on wellness, entertainment and wealth.

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Unlocking the esports opportunity

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With a vast majority of sports events being cancelled or postponed as a result of the COVID outbreak, the world is paying more attention to esports than ever before. A growing phenomenon for the last couple of years, esports are here to stay and they can offer a humongous opportunity for brand awareness: download our esports briefing to learn more about this phenomenon and its unique audience from experts at MKTG, the leading agency in the fields of sports, esports and entertainment consulting and sponsorship marketing.

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The Attention Economy

Our aim is to define a new value system and ultimately challenge the way the industry trades, by valuing what is likely to be ‘delivered’, over what is ‘bought’. Read more in our report.

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What's next in the streaming wars?