The acceleration in digital adoption is driving the need for modern, robust Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM). At its core, CRM powers a customer-centric approach to sales, service, marketing and commerce management that is vital to business growth.

As the number of digital touchpoints keeps growing, legacy vendors are struggling to update their platforms and enable customer relationship features in evolving user-facing applications. For instance, SAP is making customer experience shifts to focus on only those categories where it can be a strong #1 or #2 player. As a current SAP customer, one might be curious to consider what that means for their overall CRM platform, capabilities and what are the alternatives.

Salesforce has been the CRM powerhouse for 20 years. As the leading technology and innovator in CRM, the Salesforce 360 Platform connects every part of your company that engages with customers, including marketing, sales, service and commerce on one platform. This is why more than 150,000 companies - big and small - are growing their businesses on Salesforce today.

Dentsu experts guide and support enterprise businesses through the migration from legacy CRM to Salesforce’s industry leading platform. Unlock the ability to dynamically power customer-centric orchestration across a growing, modern ecosystem.

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Unlock the full potential of Salesforce

Seeing the full value of Salesforce involves more than the platform itself. It requires integration within your organization, a holistic view of your customers and a focused strategy for delivering the personalized experiences they demand. The results are improved marketing outcomes, enduring customer relationships and sustained competitive advantage for the clients we serve.

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As the #1 Salesforce Global Agency Partner, dentsu has been leading in the CRM space alongside Salesforce for over 16 years. Dentsu specializes in Marketing, Commerce, Service, Experience and Sales Clouds, and is ready to support all of your Salesforce plans globally.