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Adidas Originals tasked dentsu with launching a new colorway for the iconic NMD shoe, available exclusively at Champs Sports. The goal was to drive engagement and purchase intent with real fans—not shoe resellers. We reimagined the product drop as a series of “hidden” WebAR experiences that eliminated lines and outsmarted resellers.


We reinvented the product drop, replacing the static queue with an engaging brand experience that was designed for real NMD fans. Across the country, WebAR-enabled wild postings transformed city street corners into instant hidden drop zones—no app download required. Fans who found the posters could skip the line and click straight to purchase. We provided local streetwear influencers with custom stickers so that they could create their own hidden drop sites. Influencers shared their sticker locations on Instagram—so only true fans who followed along could find them.


We distributed 590 WebAR-enabled posters across five U.S. cities: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Chicago. We activated five local streetwear micro-influencers, providing them with the new gear and their own custom-designed WebAR-enabled wild postings to create additional distribution channels. We worked with these influencers to co-create editorial content on Instagram Stories, along with interactive city guides to share the hidden dropzone locations with their communities. WebAR turned posters and wild postings into hidden product drop zones that only real fans would spot. Fans could explore the new NMD Camo Pack in immersive, interactive AR before clicking through to a mobile optimized commerce site, guaranteeing access to the shoe.