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dentsu research has indicated that today’s luxury car buyer is time-starved and more discerning than ever.

Inconvenient dealership hours, including not being open on Sundays, and unwanted sales pressure, has led 90% of shoppers to being their research online versus at a physical dealership. But that process can be disjointed, confusing and impersonal. We needed to reduce this friction in the luxury car buying experience which is why GM came to us to help.


Through dentsu’s id8 human-centered design process, a cross-boundary team consisting of dentsu and GM subject matter experts collaborated over a period of months.

By starting with in-depth customer deep dives, focus groups and interviews, the team sought to understand her needs, wants, motivations and anxieties throughout the car research and buying journey. 

A weeklong ideation sprint resulted in over one hundred plausible idea concepts that were eventually culled and converged into a final idea: Cadillac Live. 


dentsu transformed a 10,000-square foot film studio into a first-of-its-kind digital showroom. Leveraging innovative technology, we created a personalized, seamless environment, where consumers can research and explore every element of the product line and ask questions in real time and more importantly, on their own time, from anywhere.