Addressable/Targeted Health Care Providers


Total Prescriptions Gained


Rx Lift


A pharmaceutical corporation specialized in the manufacturing of cancer and immunology drugs needed to design a program to support the launch of its key multiple myeloma (MM) treatment product. 20-28% of physicians had reported some access hurdles when trying to prescribe products from this brand. Aiming to establish the product as the most efficient relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma treatment (rrMM), the new program needed to deliver a high-touch customer journey to overcome this impression. This included defining a target audience leveraging multiple data sources and building a multi-pronged communications approach that leveraged both brand owned and third-party owned messaging.


Dentsu health defined a strategy to grow the brand’s CRM profile based on waterfall-based audience segmentation. The communication approach balanced and facilitated customer engagement based on accessibility, reachability and profitability, with bespoke strategies developed to generate interest and grow awareness for addressable, targeted and non-addressable audiences. Brand-owned communications leveraged email, direct messaging and dimensional DM campaigns, while third-party owned communications leveraged video, monographs, newsletters and interactive presentations.


The program established continuous treatment with IMiDs as the standard of care for MM treatment and reinforced this brand as the best option for newly diagnosed MM patients, as well as most efficient treatment for rrMM. Generating a 2.5% Rx lift through the 7,000 targeted health care providers, this brand reinforced its position as a leader in MM treatment.