Video Views, especially through Facebook and Instagram.


Video Views on YouTube for the “Sube La Marea” music video.


Promoting Copa’s generous sponsorship of the Panamanian national football team amid the excitement of their first World Cup invitation, required a big, cultural display of patriotism. What better way to show national pride than through a new Panamanian anthem?


In soccer, something that helps create a strong connection between fans and players is music. Using the team’s nickname “The Red Tide” as inspiration, our team came up with the title “Raise the Tide”.

We rounded up artists from all over Panama and recorded what grew to be much more than just a song.

The uplifting lyrics quickly became the seed of the “Red Tide” movement, and the first step of a three-phase campaign, which included the official music video on YouTube, plus a variety of content and audience participation across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.

The second step gave Copa fans a chance to win tickets and cheer Panama on at the World Cup, with a halftime performance of the song, a press conference, and exclusive coverage of the team flying from Panama on the Red Tide-themed plane.

The last step sustained the excitement through media, pushing content to world-wide markets and making “Sube la Marea” global.


“Raise the Tide” blew up, exceeded all expectations including social activations that reached more than 17M people -out of 252M from a sample of 6 countries -- which is roughly 6.75% of their total population. We gave Panama a new anthem, a symbol of national pride and unity embracing their love for soccer.