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Meet La Futbolera, the smack-talking granny who ignited the competitive spirit of US Latino soccer fans while creating a fun, long-lasting exchange with Sprint.

With a limited spend, Sprint Latino wanted to share time with soccer fans—from casual to hardcore—during a busy sports period through a fun game that sparked their inner smack-talker.


The character-driven campaign was inspired by the love we all have for our abuelita (grandma). We brought her to life using all the latest toys—3D animation and artificial intelligence.

We built a sassy, human-like chatbot personality within Facebook Messenger named “La Futbolera.” She was the first conversational gaming platform in Sprint’s social marketing, and she killed it.

La Futbolera was playful and feisty, while educating visitors about Sprint. A virtual betting game that pitted fan’s wits against grandma, our chatbot offered the chance to win up to $10,000 in prizes.


Today, where three-second videos are average and six-second views are a win, our ability to hold users’ attention for over 25 minutes, with an average of 2½ repeat visits, was epic.

We exceeded our expectations overall with a 42% registration rate and 28% of users providing opt-in information. What started as a neglected audience became a core segment for Sprint, providing reliable information about fans and their knowledge of the brand.