Billion media impressions


Crayons and 13,000 coloring books sold


Email notification request for crayon availability on Crayola.com


Crayola’s skin tone pack, a product idea first created and launched in 1992, needed a fresh campaign to meet the growing diversity of the world with increased creativity and representation. 

Crayola needed to launch Colors of the World, 24 specially formulated crayons designed by Victor Casale, current CEO of MOB & Pure Culture Beauty to mirror and represent over 40 global skin tones. The child-favorite brand needed to claim new ground and speak to the inclusion that consumers are searching for from today’s brands. 

Crayola asked dentsu teams to help the brand ensure that the Colors of the World campaign achieved the reach and attention necessary to foster a greater sense of belonging and acceptance and cultivate a more inclusive world for children of all ages, races, cultures and ethnicities.


Crayola need a unique campaign to emphasize their belief that every child has the power to create their place in the world by coloring themselves into it. Dentsu teams developed the strategy to launch Crayola’s new Colors of the World product beyond the traditional single-sided story of diversity to expand strategy to focus on the wider story of inclusivity by allowing children to become more visible both on paper and in the world. 

We realized that the word “diversity” had become corporatized and consumers had begun to interpret it as lip service and we did not want to follow suit. Instead of viewing diversity as something to be gained, we wanted to see the way the world is to approach the product and campaign in a way as to claim new ground and speak to what consumers are looking for from brands today: inclusion. Our strategy was to create a space where inclusion for all was inherent and totally banish the feeling of invisibility by showing both kids and adults that the Colors of the World pack truly is for all. 

Dentsu teams want to demonstrate that by holding a Crayola crayon to anyone’s skin and seeing a match, children around the globe could feel represented like never before and by doing so enhance the lives of kids everywhere one Crayola crayon at a time.


The campaign was an instant success with thousands of media features and social media influencer support across the web. Additionally, the campaign resulted in 2.4 billion media impression and two thousand email notification requests for Colors of the World crayon availability on the Crayola website. In a limited time, Walmart pre-sale partnership, the retailer sold 54,800 crayons and 13,000 coloring books.

Dentsu teams also created the “Draw your #trueselfie” campaign to combine the commonality of taking selfies and drawing self-portraits. Kids found that the Colors of the World crayons allowed them to fully represent their true selves. Crayola created an online gallery and let families customize their portraits and celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of representative and inclusive selfies.  

Crayola and dentsu teams build a campaign to unite and represent kids around the world and equipping them with life changing tools to promote belonging. No matter their skin tone, ethnicity, ability or background, children everywhere can be authentically drawn into the worlds they imagine and feel seen.

"The dentsu team possessed a personal passion for the new colors of the world skin tone crayons and as a result the strategy and campaign the team brought forth was not only spot on and filled with passion, but also conviction, significance, fervor, and acclamation for self-expression like never before," says, Mimi Dixon, Brand Equity & Activation with Crayola. 


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