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More direct mail leads and 18% more responses YoY


More prospect email responses YoY


Increase in YoY membership


Increase in forecasted leads and improved cost-per-lead


In true 2020 fashion, the pandemic began just as we started planning the 2021 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP21), which added unforeseen challenges to the campaign. ​We knew that seniors were among the most vulnerable population and currently experiencing isolation from family and friends, fear of getting sick and a heightened awareness around healthcare that included questioning levels of coverage, as well as cancelling or rescheduling doctor appointments. Due to shelter-in-place orders, seniors began adopting new modes of communication such as Zoom and FaceTime but also teledoc to stay connected to their doctors especially for non-urgent needs. Hungry for information, seniors were consuming news at the national, state and local level. ​AEP shopping behaviors would have to shift to no in-person appointments with local sales reps, seminars or broker meetings in most markets.


Dentsu health helped design and implement a go-to-market strategy with a best-in-class campaign that capitalizes on historical learnings, is grounded in data and analytics to inform key decisions and continues the test/learn/apply feedback loop to realize wins in real-time and ensures efficiency. ​The goals were to achieve the same level of marketing spend investment as last year, to generate an equal number of new members YoY by targeting high-propensity prospects through addressable channels with customized, relevant messaging, to identify shopping seniors in the digital ecosystem, to create response activity and to generate on-site behavior. ​ Audiences were reached via an omni-channel approach including direct mail, paid search, cost-effective digital platforms (i.e., display, social, prospect email), meeting promotions in print media and lead nurturing efforts.


The campaign overdelivered on leads and reduced cost-per-lead. The combination of the proprietary model driving targeting, of the responsive creative design to deliver a relevant message based on journey stage, of smart strategies and informed channel spend allocation all contributed to successfully delivering on goal. Direct mail was a campaign winner for AEP21 with the same level of spend YoY generating 18% more responses and 42% more leads. Cost-per-lead dropped by 32% YoY. Digital media was strategically expanded to identify shopping seniors in the digital ecosystem and results proved that the digital interest was high with 40% (8k) of display responses and 17% (2k) of Facebook responders entered their zip code to proceed to plan pages signaling qualified leads. Additionally, the paid search investment was doubled to capture demand and netted 40% more leads YoY and prospect email testing was expanded and doubled the number of deployments with a result of 160% more responses YoY.

“We didn't know what to expect in 2020. With the pandemic and a volatile election year, we had no idea how our Medicare AEP season would go. Our campaigns were amazing, and we hit our goals! We had an amazing team!”
Maureen Grier, Marketing Manager – Medicare Options

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