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How do you break through the clutter and build momentum in a way that earns credit for reinvigorating the traditional PC ecosystem?  With 15 micro-influencers creating a network effect across a broad media campaign with a message rooted in innovation.

Intel approached dentsu’s integrated teams wanting to effectively reach the Mobile Go-Getter audience of 13.6M targeted individuals and drive engagement with a social-only campaign that would earn Intel credit for being a laptop innovator.

Mobile Go-Getters are defined as those who boldly live outside of boundaries and require tech that allows them to thrive. Every moment counts for them, so almost every moment is controlled. Our research shows that what breaks through to Mobile Go-Getters is collected and shareable experiences.

Intel wanted to design and implement a socially driven campaign that breaks through the noise and builds momentum among Mobile-Go-Getters to effectively deliver a personalized customer experience.


An integrated dentsu team collaborated on a unique campaign designed especially for Intel’s Project Athena, the business name for the latest class of PC innovation. The focus was to connect with the Mobile Go-Getter on their terms with an experience worthy of their attention. The team worked to cultivate interest and excitement for the holistic Project Athena experience and OEM devices as well as educate the Mobile Go-Getter audience about the valuable features that make up the Project Athena experience.

The team used a mix of 15 micro-influencers across both paid and organic social channels to share ideas that:

  • Get noticed amidst clutter and partial attention
  • Create intrigue and get people to lean in to learn more
  • Is something to build a community around
  • Can be paid off when people seek to engage


The Project Athena micro-influencer campaign was successful in driving awareness, brand lift and purchase intent. Overall, the positive sentiment was at 92% during the campaign period.

The initiative that drove the most earned posts (86%) stemmed from a great CTA where users were able to interact directly with the #MoreThan campaign. Users could choose either an entrepreneur, artist or crafter who shared their choice of preferred mentorship. When influencers incorporated a clear CTA prompting the audience to share what being #MoreThan means to them, they were more inclined to engage.

The campaign also achieved…

  • 370M paid media impressions total – 15% above the goal
  • 14.6K #MoreThan hashtag mentions on Twitter and a 768% increase in hashtag mentions in the last two weeks of the campaign

92% positive overall campaign sentiment with purchase intent of 3.06%


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