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An American multi-brand pharmaceutical manufacturer needed to re-position as the brand of choice for Myeloid Leukemia therapy, increase NRx and maintain and protect existing Rx. Key barriers included decreased field access, an evolving and highly competitive market, entrenched Rx behaviors with older therapies and payer approval. The company’s objectives included optimizing brand awareness, targeting HCP engagement, driving NRx, maintaining and supporting favorable TRx levels​ as well as augmenting field force activity.


Dentsu health needed to devise a strategy and communication plan to address different audiences by professional designation and execute based on engagement activity and customer behavior.

Additional solutions included:

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) campaign highlighting proper diagnosis and monitoring of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

KOL videos and responsive microsite, direct messaging and representative triggered email focused on diagnosis and monitoring

Treatment lines (first line/newly diagnosed and strong second line switch, appropriate patient types and co-pay programs)

Direct mail, representative triggered email and website

Website UX/SEO audit, cross-agency media planning and field communications

Channel performance audit.


The campaign resulted in a spike in representative triggered email activity in support of the new campaign​. Email open rates all exceeded 13% and click-through rates ranged 2-5%​ with over 48% of co-pay requests generated from the highly coveted “Growth Potential” segment​. Additionally, USB chip drove substantial percentage of traffic​ and a 22% average point of decision to drop or watch through video completion.

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