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Instead of creating a traditional holiday card, our team developed Nick the Game, a tower defense survival game all in virtual reality. Santa’s on the run, and only you can save him. Step into his boots to become Nick—the hard-boiled badass Claus bent on survival. Battle killer robot elves in this VR tower defense survival game and try to hold out against the evil hordes to save what’s left of Christmas.


Built in the Unreal gaming engine, this first-person, room-scale VR experience for the HTC Vive lets users take control of a variety of weapons and tools to fight off endless waves of evil robotic elves. As Santa’s survivalist alter ego Nick, users must move around the environment to set up defenses and dodge attacks to beat back the onslaught.


The campaign resulted in 100K+ game downloads on Steam through WOM with no paid media support and received wide press accolades including articles in Digiday, the Drum, AdAge and Diverge.

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Gaming’s ever-expanding influence on culture, coupled with the promise of the metaverse, has created an almost-limitless suite of opportunities for marketers. However, there is no audience quicker to reject insincere brands entering their space than the gaming community. At dentsu, we bring together passionate, multifaceted expertise to enable brands to become part of the culture rather than interrupt it.  We call this: Culturally Connected. As champions for meaningful progress, we stand with the creators and players to make the future of gaming inclusive and accessible for all.