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Million downloads


SMG Studio, part of dentsu, wanted to create a game for all - no matter what age, gaming experience or ability. Introducing Moving Out, the chaotic co-op moving simulator!


Moving Out was designed with accessibility for all in mind. Its humorous charm, cartoonish art style and fun premise makes Moving Out a game that appeals to all ranges and varieties of players. Additionally, by including an Assist Mode, Moving Out creators were able to allow for extreme levels of player customization, truly making it the perfect game for anyone and everyone. It's not just younger players who will benefit from Assist mode: some of the mechanics require holding or pressing buttons, or trying to move large objects, which can also affect players in different ways, so the team looked to add toggle-able options in the hopes of removing any "walls" that might prevent players from progressing.

Customization ranges from the ability to change text size, controller options, speed/timing and difficulty levels. To be sure that the additional customization options helped all players, the original IP was specially tested with 140 players during the design process. ​Adding a re-mappable keys feature, for instance, came after consulting with disabled players. While it took the most amount of work to implement, as the number one request from those feedback sessions, the team worked to make sure it was added to the game.


Moving Out instantly became a success with more than 10 million downloads as well as winning multiple awards including EGX Indie Hero and 2020 Game of the Year from both and Australian Game Developer.

"We want everyone to be able to finish it, and everyone to be able to play"
Moving Out Developer, Ashley Ringrose