Daily active users


Growth in 2018 without launching a new title


In revenue in its first month as the #1 global grossing game


Conversation rate in the first month


Supercell is a leading mobile game developer with over 100M active users playing their five top-grossing games—Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, Hay Day and Brawl Stars—every day. We partnered with Supercell to build digital solutions that enhance the overall player experience and create more dimensions around their existing games.


We developed the Supercell “Inbox”—an exclusive channel found inside every game Supercell makes. The Inbox is used to deliver dynamic content (tips, tutorials, news, tournament updates, etc.) to gamers so they never have to leave the game. We helped identify existing in-game friction points, curated content and strategies across all player types and developed a business logic that maps each player’s in-game movement to deliver targeted custom content in real-time. The inbox is used by 100M Daily Average Users (DAU).  We designed the sites from the ground up to organize and surface relevant content to help visitors up their gameplay. Those who Clash together stay together, so we also created a Clan Search Tool to help users find the right clan for them.


By using community insights to inform product development, we built new channels for the company that create real value for their customers—beyond just advertising. Overall, our work has helped enrich the in-game experience for Supercell’s players, resulting in an increase in user-base and in-game engagement. With product features and experiences, focusing on retention and app use rather than acquisition, dentsu helped Supercell to grow their revenue by 36% YOY in 2018 without launching a new title.