Sean Reardon

CEO, Media Practice, dentsu Americas

An established veteran of the ad tech, advertising, media and marketing industries, Sean Reardon has over two decades of experience driving strategic vision, business transformation, organizational growth and bottom-line results for the clients and organizations he leads.

He has spent the past decade occupying CEO roles for both publicly traded and privately held companies. His track record as a CEO is one of proven business performance across a spectrum of environments, having taken developing organizations to full maturation through periods of hyper-growth and event capitalization while also having led more established organizations to new heights through periods of consistent, sustainable growth.

Sean is known for his high energy, tireless work-ethic, and an ability to be motivating and accessible to personnel while effectively driving the P/L. He is extremely hands-on from an operational vantage and highly approachable, engaging and remarkably straightforward in his working-style. He has an arsenal of proven experience across virtually all major client categories and brings a personal passion to Fitness, Entertainment, Technology, Fashion, Commerce and Philanthropy brands. 

Since signing on at MiQ in December of 2018, MiQ has become the largest independent programmatic media company in the world, experiencing over 5x growth in Enterprise Value with EBITDA increasing from approximately $15 million to over $80 million. During his tenure, Sean has expanded his role from US CEO to Global COO, and most recently, Global CEO. In this remit, he has overseen the regional performance across 10 countries and 31 offices on 4 continents and managed employee growth from ~500 to over 1,200 people. 

Sean was a critical part of the executive team that executed a ~$900 million private equity capital event with Bridgepoint in 2022. In looking at MiQ today, the depth and dimension of solutions offered to clients has never been greater, the public profile of the company has never been higher, the diversity and engagement seen in its employee base has never been more evident, and the dynamism of the executive team Sean has established around him has never been stronger – all outcomes that are consistent with his leadership priorities and focus.

Prior to MiQ, Sean concurrently served as the CEO for three brands within Publicis Groupe – Zenith Media USA, Moxie and MRY overseeing a composite of 1,400 employees, 50+ clients and nearly $400 Million in annual revenue. His oversight across a “trifecta” of distinct operations was unique and largely unprecedented in the industry. As agency models and industry trends have largely pulled media, digital and creative agencies apart, Sean stands out as a pioneering leader able to effectively galvanize media, data, technology, and creative teams. During his tenure, both Zenith Media (US) and Moxie reached new heights in commercial performance while MRY returned to relevance with a litany of new client assignments - most notably Walmart, Audible and Kellogg’s. 

Earlier in his career, Sean’s reputation working across the largest accounts in San Francisco and Los Angeles as both a media planning and account planning stalwart opened eyes and doors at Publicis Groupe. His notable rise into the executive ranks at Publicis culminated in posts as the Senior Vice-President of Strategy at Zenith Los Angeles, the President of Strategy at Zenith North America, and President of ROAR, a bespoke Publicis solution for JP Morgan Chase.

His career began in the 90’s at prominent Philadelphia advertising agency, Tierney & Partners, working on Bell Atlantic’s pre-Verizon footprint and Deloitte Consulting’s global brand. As the digital age began to take hold, Sean moved to the West Coast for over a decade where he blossomed at pioneering agencies like Black Rocket, Citron, Haligman, Bedecarre (now AKQA), Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Hal Riney & Partners. 

Sean resides in Atlanta, but commonly maintains offices around the globe. Among his many board assignments and career accolades, he is a multi-year member of the Dean’s Advancement Council at The Pennsylvania State University’s Bellisario College of Communications and was recently named among the Top 50 Business Leaders in New York. More than any professional accomplishment; however, he is most proud of being a husband to wife, Danielle and father to daughter, Ashley.