Agencies: BC&F, OMD | Market: New Zealand
Client: Meridian Energy

The case for renewable electricity is well documented, but the jargon associated with it means little to most people. Meridian Energy, a 100% renewable electricity supplier in New Zealand, found widespread consumer confusion and asked us to help get the message across in a simpler way.

One of New Zealand’s most distinctive qualities is that it is an island nation with ever-changing weather. Talking about the elements gave us a simple context to connect with New Zealanders. We therefore created a campaign showing how Meridian harnesses wind, water and sun.

We launched an integrated campaign with the story of everyday New Zealanders engaging with the elements. Through our media activity and strategic partnerships, we reinforced how Meridian is actively making a difference to the environment and society with its clean electricity.

To connect Meridian in people’s minds with “wind, water and sun”, we started a long-term sponsorship of the national weather forecast in TV and press. We also partnered with a national TV network to develop a three-part series about ‘The Power of Weather’. In a New Zealand market first, we used our proprietary dynamic technology to match the content of

Meridian’s out-of-home advertising displays with current weather conditions. We also partnered with Wellington brewery Garage Project, to create a beer brewed with the help of 100% renewable electricity.

Within three months, Meridian’s “wind, water and sun” message went from zero to 22% national awareness, as did public recognition of Meridian as New Zealand’s largest producer of 100% renewable electricity.