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Mobile revenue increase YoY


Improvement on loading speed


Increase in sales YoY


Improve BIG4’s digital customer experience

BIG4 needed to improve the capability and experience of their digital platforms to grow and compete with online travel aggregators who’d gained a market share of bookings to sites and cabins at BIG4 holiday parks. Isobar needed to help the BIG4 regain their market-leading position in this industry by creating a better online customer experience.


We simplified how you book an Australian holiday

By creating an entirely new online experience for BIG4 customers, Isobar made it easy for people to discover their next getaway location quickly and add extras like the BIG4 Perks+ membership and loyalty program efficiently. We included smart defaults so customers would always see the best price without needing to hunt around. Giving them more time to pack their fishing gear and round up the kids.


Big4’s big results

The results, along with customer sentiment, have been overwhelmingly positive with NPS at 76. Mobile revenue is up 13.8% YOY. And while the new website has facilitated several record sales, the average session time has decreased by 3%. Sessions with traction have increased by 10% leading to a 19% sales increase YoY. And we’ve seen a 25% improvement on the pages loading speed.