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Together with the behaviour change team at Cox Inall Change, BWM Dentsu created a new tool to help Queensland police find missing persons, with the general public playing a vital role. Harnessing the power and impermanence of Snapchat to create fresh urgency around images of missing teenagers. At time of writing, 94% of alerts have assisted in a missing person being found.


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The first 24 hours are critical in the search for missing persons. Reaching traditional media can prove to be too slow within the missing persons space.


With a wealth of data at our fingertips from across subject areas as wide as news, finance and travel we used it as the fuel to drive a more personal reading experience with our audience.

Building on the fantastic segmentation work The Telegraph’s data and insight team had already done, Fetch brought this strategy to life across devices, channels and mediums.

Fetch used targeted app download campaigns, personalised re-engagement initiatives and ROI driven performance across The Telegraph's travel, events, finance and new premium products. 


The first alert was sent the day the campaign went live, the person was found the next day. Since the launch, 95% of Disappearing Person Alerts assisted in the person being found.