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To maximise the return on this investment, Patties needed an advertising campaign that reached its target audience effectively, and at a time and a place where it could have maximum influence. 


To do this, Dentsu X worked in conjunction with its sister agencies Amnet and Posterscope to develop strategy that would link Digital Out of Home (DOOH) with programmatic technology available through Val Morgan Outdoor’s (VMO) Shop network. 

The campaign employed the programmatic technology of VMO’s exclusive real-time audience measurement system, DART (Digital Outdoor Audiences in Real Time), combined with its proprietary ad serving network PULSE, to achieve customisable DOOH creative in real-time.

Using DART analytics, VMO were able to create a private marketplace allowing the trading of inventory based on a programmatic guarantee model for the first time in a one-to-many environment.

Recognising the value of an automated and optimised approach to DOOH, and its inherent potential to minimise advertising wastage by paying only for the audience targeted in the path to purchase environment, Patties were the first advertiser to take advantage of this new programmatic solution. 


The campaign, which rolled out in September 2016, represents the biggest step taken to date toward a DOOH programmatic trading model in an environment and format with broad reach, and is a significant development in the DOOH space.