improvement with actionable emissions data across ANZ

Dentsu globally has some ambitious net zero targets for 2025. The dentsu ANZ team saw this as an opportunity to spearhead this ambition, using our size and agility to establish a sustainability practice, trialling solutions and processes that can be scaled to the wider group as a force for good.

Salesforce Solution

Net Zero Cloud

Dentsu AU and NZ's goals with Net Zero Cloud

  • Track scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions from daily operations
  • Visualise carbon footprint on a single dashboard
  • Help clients track and visualise emissions data
  • Use data-driven insights to make smarter sustainability decisions


No metrics for tracking emissions data Consumption data siloed in different systems Slow, inefficient emission-reporting process.


Merkle implemented Salesforce Net Zero Cloud for dentsu ANZ, considering all the consumption data for the business’ day-to-day operations. This data that was used to determine the carbon footprint for the business and was regularly updated as it became available over the year.


Reports from Net Zero Cloud immediately highlighted that there was high energy consumption at one of our offices, so the dentsu sustainability team sought more detailed data from the energy retailer. Dentsu analysts were able to pinpoint that a significant amount of the energy consumption was outside of office of hours and compared this against other offices to determine the normal distribution of what energy consumption should be.

These insights allowed for controls and targets to be put in place for the building to reduce energy usage. It is early days, but already the building has seen an average reduction of 34% of energy use outside of office hours.

Having Net Zero Cloud implemented has allowed dentsu ANZ to regularly review its carbon footprint across the various data sources, and proactively implement initiatives with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint.

Net Zero Cloud gave us insight into our energy consumption and helped us find ways to reduce emissions by 34% outside of office hours.
Anita Hedges Head of the Sustainability Council & Social Impact Lead