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Right now, New Zealanders are in isolation – all except those deemed essential services. Our NZ teams at Carat and WiTH Collective have developed a campaign for their client, ASB Bank, to use negative space created in cities under lockdown to run thank you messages for those people supporting the country.


Together with our client ASB Bank, we saw an opportunity to turn billboards into a medium designed specifically for the only people who’ll see them - workers deemed essential to keep New Zealand safe and functioning - delivering a huge #ESSENTIALTHANKS to these legendary Kiwi heroes.


Through LUMO Digital’s impressive vehicular monitoring camera technology, ASB are only being charged for ‘verified impressions’. The dynamic ability of D4 means that at any time, the campaign and its billboards can be paused, updated or amended and ASB will only be charged for the number of eyes on the billboard, a very different way of outdoor trading.

Through our owned channels, we’ll encourage New Zealand to submit their messages of thanks to run on the billboards. All people have to do is comment on our posts with a thank you message. Then we’ll run messages on our D4 network, regularly updating them to show our essential workers how much Kiwis across the country appreciate their work.

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