Isobar Australia have launched CareMonger - a new app designed to counter all the scaremongering surrounding COVID-19 by encouraging Australians to spread care and kindness Instead.

With social distancing and self-isolation rules now enforced across the country, the app uses location-based technology to enable people to connect with others living nearby (up to 10km). We also deliberately designed the app with a simple interface to ensure it is accessible and easy for everyone to use. 

Through the experience, people simply create a profile and set an 'I am…' status to either offer assistance or reach out for help. They can then start exchanging direct messages with others directly through the platform.

Whether you're needing your dog to be walked, or you're a chef who can create fresh meals for people in need, CareMonger provides an easy and fast way for people to best support each other in a time of need.

The app is available on iOS and Android, to check it out go to


Adam Famularo, CareMonger ideator and CED for the Products and Ventures team, was inspired by the caremongering movement in Canada. Recognising the unique opportunity to leverage Isobar's expertise in product development and creative. Partnering with Cox Inall Change, the team were able to repurpose existing technology and get the app live In two weeks.


In the first week, we’ve had more than 785 downloads