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Monash Health and Isobar Good recognised that adolescents with disabilities or chronic health issues are at a vulnerable point in their lives. As a  minority group coming through Monash hospital they often get forgotten about. It is important to set this group up for success, enabling them enter early adulthood with every expectation of being valuable and productive members of society.

We wanted to look at how design thinking can help solve their day-to-day challenges and what sort of initiatives these kids and teenagers would like to see improve their care at the hospital, and their lives overall. 


We spent a day outside the hospital and formed groups of experience designers, hospital staff, patients and families. The problem we started with was helping chronically ill teenagers with their day to day challenges. 

We shared experiences through card sorting and storyboarding to identify the key pain points in their life. 

We then came up with ideas to solve these problems and collaboratively prototyped the best ideas out. 

Through prototyping together we were able to rapidly explore viable concepts from the patient and doctor perspective. By the end of the day we had prototyped concepts the team at Monash can share and explore further.


By the end of the day the team at Monash had a variety of prototype concepts to further explore. The team at Isobar are in discussions with Monash Health to bring the ideas to life, enabling real impact and change.

To learn more about the Monash Health Design Jam and the concepts developed during the process, click here