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The launch of Bae stemmed from the insight that Australian consumers are looking for more meaningful retail experiences from brands they know and love.

PayPal needed an innovative solution to help customers shop for products that were uniquely catered to them and allowed them to proudly and loudly express who they were. Millennials are mobile-savvy, connected and looking to brands for a personal and convenient experience. The proliferation of artificial intelligence and machine learning presented an opportunity for PayPal to meaningfully connect with millennial shoppers.


Integrated into Facebook Messenger, Bae was designed to save customers the time and energy involved in finding new places to shop, while empowering them show off their personal style.

Bae uses interactive, humourous and emoji-laden questions to reveal a shopper’s personal sense of style, before connecting them with unique online retailers that suit their fashion-sense. Whether asking about fashion inspiration or digging into what shoppers are most comfortable wearing, Bae matches fashion-forward Aussies with a selection of hundreds of online retailers from Australia and all over the world, including Poland, Korea, Italy and beyond.


Bae will tell you exactly where to go for things you’ll love and suggest a few places that you’d never think to try for yourself as well. Whatever your style, Bae just gets you.