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Slurpee released a new sports bottle over winter and tasked us with selling 150,000 of them. That's 3.8 bottles per store, per day!

They needed people to start talking about the bottle to keep sales hot and Slurpees cold. With an audience of 17 to 34 year olds who live in the moment and love new experiences, we had to make sure the content was fast paced, fun and full of Slurpee.

But how do you sell a sports bottle to an audience who aren't into sports without any above-the-line support?


'Thrills, No Spills' saw the Slurpee cup battle it out against the Slurpee sports bottle in a series of extreme challenges.

We strapped two Slurpee drinkers into a giant slingshot and invited them to enjoy their favourite flavour while being flung high in the air. The catch was that only one of them had the luxury of using the Slurpee bottle, while the other one had to juggle a standard Slurpee cup.

Our bottle drinker got to slam down their refreshing Slurpee while our cup drinker had theirs slammed all over their face. We then challenged drinkers to quench their thirst while doing some of their favourite activities. This saw the Slurpee bottle prevail in all cases, including spinning upside down on a Vomatron ride, flipping around a trampoline centre, surfing huge waves and even doing yoga.


We made the sports bottles relevant to an audience who aren’t into sports….in the middle of winter and the bottle SOLD OUT....twice!