increase of in-flight purchases since launch


in 9 languages across 14 regions


page views per month


customers per year


Jetstar faces significant competition both within the airline industry and the digital experience landscape. Customer expectations are influenced as much by other airlines as by AirBnB, Netflix and Disney.

Jetstar engaged Isobar to support on a number of key challenges, from improving their teams and overall business direction, reimagining the consistency of their consumer experience, maintaining and delivering 23 websites and booking platforms (and in multiple languages), as well as improving their speed to market with new products and innovations.


Isobar worked directly with Jetstar to plan out a set of ecosystem milestones to deliver on their ambition by 2020. This included projects such as:

  • A brand refresh
  • Creating a Jetstar experience language
  • A .Com launch
  • Launching a new booking engine
  • Optimisation: focusing on tactical experience updates and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).
  • Global flight access - combining Qantas and Jetstar into one home
  • Improving Club Jetstar and transforming it into a membership everyone can enjoy
  • Developing a 'manage my booking' functionality
  • Creating a mobile app
  • Created and embedded a culture of experimentation into their workplace
  • Travel inspiration hub, blending content and commerce in one place
  • Enabling customers to add a flight, hotel or car with a simple click


Commercial Performance

  • A 5 billion transactional platform with 20%+ increase of in-flight purchases since launch.
  • FY19 saw $3.6M+ in ancillary revenue and $21M+ in flight revenue.
  • 200% increase in Club Jetstar acquisition and renewal (membership programme)

Technical Excellence

  • Delivery and maintenance of 23 websites in 9 languages across 14 regions.
  • A business critical part of the ecosystem, supporting 200M page views per month and 150M customers per year.
  • The fastest, most performant airline website in the sector, handling 80% of the business’ booking revenue with and 99% supported by a 24/7 SLA. 

Customer experience

  • End-to-end increases in customer experience and usability metrics including NPS, CAST/CES and PURE Usability across the entire ecosystem.
  • High product and delivery team satisfaction and retention through capability uplift programmes.