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increase in search traffic


increase in card applications


Latitude Financial Services wanted to increase uptake their new low interest rate Mastercard throughout the busy Christmas and Boxing Day shopping season.

Our card had a low interest rate, but in the frenzy of the festive season shoppers weren’t thinking about their future payments – they wanted things NOW! We needed to create a compelling reason for people to use this card over cash, sales finance, lay-buy and even other credit cards.


Boxing Day is the biggest sales day on the Australian retail calendar. But with big discounts come even bigger crowds. Something shoppers hate.

We found a way to let Low Rate Mastercard holder’s shop before anyone else by moving Boxing Day (a national holiday) forward a month, allowing them to shop sales prices first. If they shopped on our card a month early, they could get the difference back if the price dropped.

Using historical sales data, we predicted future sales discount prices on the season’s most popular products – from electronics to shoes.

When shoppers demonstrated interest in a product, we directly targeted them with a price prediction showing how much the same product could drop by in the future.

GPS targeting showed ads when shoppers entered physical stores too. Meaning when they were looking at shoes, we were showing them future discounts on shoes.


Unsurprisingly, people loved the idea of shopping early and saving. Search traffic increased by 540%, leading to a 65% increase in card applications throughout the period.