Thanks to online travel aggregators and easy-to-access information, most Aussies have become their own travel agents. They regularly use multiple devices and sources to plan and perfect their trips, and they’re often more concerned with finding the best value than staying loyal to a particular brand.

This behaviour has created an even more complex consumer journey, it also gives brands countless opportunities to be considered when travellers go online to plan a trip.


Virgin worked with the Google Marketing Platform team to test a new data-driven attribution (DDA) model and see whether automation in Search Ads 360 could help it capture attention across different devices and drive incremental sales from non-branded searches.

The results inspired the brand to make a full switch to DDA. The brand also used a target ROAS bidding strategy in Search Ads 360 with cross-device attribution to ensure it was making the most of spend at every touchpoint, whether travellers were researching on desktop, tablets, or mobile.


  • +139% flight bookings
  • +40% website traffic
  • +124% revenue