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Though the world may have gone online, it was found that 60% of Australia's small business haven't made that leap just yet. For them, moving to the online sphere is too daunting a challenge. GoDaddy partnered with WiTH Collective to show them that launching a website would only require as little as one hour, tech-savvy skills not required.


bottles sold in 6 weeks on RaysFlaminHotSauce.com (a website created with GoDaddy’s Website Builder)


Of the two million small businesses in Australia, 60% find it hard to go online for fear of its high-cost, time-consuming maintenance.


They devised GoDaddy's Website Builder in order to prove that launching an online business is achievable by anyone.


In 6 weeks, Ray sold around 4,000 bottles on a website created with GoDaddy's Website Builder, RaysFlaminHotSauce.com. Targets were smashed across the board, with an increase in new sign-ups.