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WiTH Collective was asked by Pfizer to develop an approach for their prescription quit smoking aid, one that would be an evocative experience for smokers and non-smokers alike. In response, "The Reverse Intervention" featured 6 non-smokers who were re-educated regarding their views on smoking. 


more Australians visiting their GP to quit


Non-smokers were too ill-informed about the difficulties of quitting smoking. This was due to their superficial understanding of nicotine's addictive quality. In that case, they would nag smokers they know, instead of providing emotional support, and it is this behaviour that adds to the cycle of failure. 


"The Reverse Intervention" shifted the spotlight to 6 non-smokers who then had their perspective on smoking challenged. Following this, they were re-educated by a smoker in their life and a GP. They viewed emotional content that encouraged both smokers and non-smokers to quit together, be it nagging or smoking. 


The outcome of this experience saw an added 238,000 Australians visiting their GP to quit. In other words, the proportion of smokers who sought after the support of their GP for their next attempt to quit rose from 14% in mid-2017 to 22% in mid 2018.