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Create an emotional connection with consumers and merchants, during the intensely competitive Christmas retail period.

PayPal threw down the following gauntlet: create a digital and social campaign that connects unique Australian merchants to hungry-for-giftspiration PayPal customers. Not only that, engage customer and merchants on an emotional level, and position PayPal as the easiest and most enjoyable way to find and pay for the perfect gift.


PayPal brought the magic back into Christmas for gift-givers and receivers - all around the country.

More than a campaign, Shop off the Beaten path is a network of Australian businesses that sell bespoke, quirky, adventurous, beautiful, geeky and trending gifts – all enabled by simple and secure PayPal checkouts.

By connecting these merchants with hungry – for – giftspiration shoppers, PayPal paved a new way for Aussies to shop for unique gifts, and gave consumers and merchants more of what they really want for Christmas – time with family and friends.


The campaign earned 242% return on investment and helped over 150 small Australian merchants.