Manager Monthly dedicates a cover to DAN Bulgaria CEO Maria Grachnova

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5 March 2018, Sofia: Maria Grachnova, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network Bulgaria, who’s twice graced the cover of some of the biggest local business media, has featured on the front of the most renowned Bulgarian business magazine – Manager monthly – in March.

The cover comes to price her contribution to the digital disruption of the local industry after the extremely successful second edition of Dentsu Digital Camp that hit the market in mid-February. It succeeded to bring on one stage 13 renowned speakers from Dentsu Aegis Network agencies, local and global media and some of the biggest Bulgarian companies that were able to speak in front of 650+ attendees about the transformation of future throughout people and data.

Maria stars in a six-page spread interview and photo session titled “The experience has replaced the trust in brands”. The feature covers topics such as the challenges of the fast-paced digital environment and the quality of communication, data control, rights and data collection, the changes that impacted society as a result of the transition from analog to digital economy, the quality of the Bulgarian media, the rules of success in business, etc.

Here are the highlights from the interview in Manager monthly:


There is a fundamental change in the way we started to perceive the adverts. We lived in a time where advertising was all about trust. We were building adverts for brands and products with the ultimate goal to make people trust them as much as possible and consequently use them. Now advertising is all about experience – the consumers trust in what they experience – personalized, at any time and in any kind of environment. 

Data control:

Control, rights and data collection gathered in one single sentence do net necessary mean something bad… Data collection and its transformation into a meaningful data is not a threat in itself. On the contrary - if this meaningful data is used in a smart way for marketing purposes, it only means that the message I get will have value for me rather than wasting my time with unnecessary information. And this will only increase the trust in brands and their products.

Digital economy:

The digital economy is one of the few secure things that really matters and provides growth in this insecure world. The speed of this growth, however, will not be determined by the pace of the technological innovation itself but rather by the people who use it.

People and data:

People and data – these are the two main business challenges we all face. They will determine the speed and the quality of the communication in the coming years. The greatest risk for any organization respectively will be the leakage of both people and data.

Traditional media in forth global revolution:

Like any business born during the third and even the second global revolution, such as press media, for example, these media are facing the fourth global revolution, adapting processes from the past century to the technologies of the 21st one and their business models to the speed of taking decisions in the digital age. Three strategies can help the media to do that. First, traditional media must rebuild trust in their consumers as efficient channels of communication. Second, they need to use data to increase the emotional impact of their content on users. And third, they must contribute to society.


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