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In a fun and 100% digital action, the campaign reinforced the Asian Flavors of the brand: Cup Noodles in Yakissoba, SeaFood, Teriyaki Chicken and Yakissoba flavors. Composed of a series of three films, she was starred by a monster that introduces the products and gives professional tips to the public.


Millions of Reach

In a campaign that reinforces the Asian Flavors of NISSIN FOODS DO BRASIL, the company introduces its new executive, directly from Japan. It is Gotsui Wasabi, a monster who, after having his TV series canceled, went around the world looking for a New job opportunity. Knowing NISSIN's success in our country for over 50 years and taking advantage of its “voracious experience” with oriental cuisine, Gotsui decided to take a risk and knocked on the company's door. The venture went well, and after going through various positions, the former Japanese sitcom monster is now vice president of Asian Flavor Sales at NISSIN.