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Many roadkill happens because drivers can't see cyclists. Hundreds of cyclists get run over a year, often because they are in the blind spot of drivers. With the help of technology and creativity we can change this picture so that there are no new accidents.


If drivers don't see cyclists, we'll make them hear them. We have created a portable radio transmitter device that interferes with the 98FM radio frequency and warns of the cyclist's presence. Cyclists can record their own messages through the app to play on their car radio.


The acceptance among cyclists is huge. Cyclists from around the country may soon be using the device as anyone can request instructions from the site to mount their own Safety Bike Radio in a water bottle.

Ride a bike

In Brazil, more and more people are riding bicycles instead of cars. But street infrastructure is still far from a cyclist-friendly environment, resulting in hundreds of car and bicycle traffic accidents every month. Safety Bike Radio is the voice of cyclists in traffic, reducing traffic accidents and bringing in new listeners.