Michelle Yang

Communications Intern 2021

Hi! My name is Michelle and I am the dentsu Canada Communications Intern for the summer! I wanted to take the time to share my incredible experiences at dentsu; things that made me want to work here, the reasons why I LOVE our people and our work, and how this opportunity has made this summer unforgettable. 

I am currently a marketing student at the DeGroote School of Business. I am completing this internship after finishing my second year at McMaster. Before taking on this role my knowledge of "communications" was limited. However, because of dentsu’s culture along with my superstar mentor – Kate, I was able to quickly learn and apply these new learnings in the workplace. Since starting, I have been able to work with teams across the entire North American network at all levels of the organization. The people I work with make me feel like a valued team member and not just an intern. The culture has allowed me to be autonomous and self-motivating as I begin to better understand the inner workings of the company and where I fit in my professional career. I am a strong believer that experience and skills are what builds that confidence and having the ability to create your schedules and work with projects you're passionate about has truly allowed me to develop into a more knowledgeable, well-rounded, and confident person. YOU are in charge of setting your own goals and deadlines, YOU are expected to deliver the best work you possibly can, and YOU will be dedicated to all things dentsu; our people, our culture, and our work. Being a part of dentsu has taught me a lot about their values and they have championed specific programs dedicated to hiring more and more interns every year. Working at dentsu as an intern, you’re not just a coffee runner, you are a part of the team.   

The type of work you're involved in is also truly inspiring and often integral to the success of the entire network. As WE DREAM LOUD, WE INSPIRE CHANGE, WE TEAM WITHOUT LIMITS, WE ALL LEAD, WE MAKE IT REAL, WE CLIMB HIGH, WE CHOOSE EXCITEMENT, and WE ARE A FORCE FOR GOOD; all of our dentsu 8 Ways are reflected in the work that we do. A huge reason why I chose to apply to dentsu is its deep outlook and dedication to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion. Upon joining, I quickly found out that the DEI team fully devotes its efforts to make sure this aspect of corporate social responsibility is at the top of the priorities. I have seen this first hand through the Anti-Racism training workshops where the employees from our more underrepresented communities are featured, the meaningful and valuable Pride events that we have hosted during Pride month (and to be continued), the weekly "Chat with Jeffs" that is also a designated safe space to ask tough questions and start important conversations, and all across the work that we do partnering with organizations such as The BlackNorth Initiative to execute awareness and change campaigns.

My time at dentsu has genuinely taught me so much; not only about the shared company-wide values that make working with people so great or all the amazing things I learned about communications, but this short time has taught me more about myself and capabilities than I could have imagined. WITHOUT A DOUBT, I would highly recommend interning at dentsu to anyone interested in applying. If you would like to learn more or just make a friend, feel free to message me on LinkedIn HERE! :)