To us, health is more than just another category. We believe in Living Health. Every day. Living it and breathing it: to better understand the personal emotions, desires, and needs of every health experience — no matter how positive or negative that experience is. To boldly drive transformation to impact the lives of people through the power of Living HealthBecause only when you live it can you change it.

Through a global teaming platform of thousands of category experts, we are transforming the healthcare agency services model. We specialize in health, wellness, and pharmaceutical marketing across our global agency brands, specialist agencies, and select ecosystems of external partners.  

Our integrated network of offices includes New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Toronto, Munich, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Milan. 

New & Noteworthy: Winning Big at Cannes Lions 2023

Dentsu Health and Dentsu Creative’s Scrolling Therapy app won the Pharma Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on June 19th. Created with South American company Eurofarma and supported by the Brazil Parkinson Association, the app allows people with Parkinson’s disease to perform facial exercises that slow the progression of muscle atrophy while scrolling social media. In addition to the Grand Prix, Scrolling Therapy nabbed a Silver Lion, 2 Bronze Lions and 7 shortlists honourable mentions.  

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Suraksha Takes 2 Bronze Lions at Cannes

In the fight against Malaria, Suraksha turned a century old tradition of applying two Kaala Teeka (Black Dots) on their children — one on the forehead and on the ankle to help protect them from mosquitoes. Reckitt reformulated it with an infusion of natural oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, to form the Suraksha Ka Teeka. Making it a mosquito repellent in disguise. The winning work received 2 Bronze Lions and 3 shortlists honourable mentions for Dentsu Health and Dentsu Creative, India. 

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Industry Thought Leadership 

Thought leadership requires inherent expertise, and ideas that challenge the conventional ways of thinking and behaving. Let us know how our forward thinking can support your audience and content strategy. 

One Individual Really Can Make an Environmental Difference

At Dentsu Health our vision is to achieve optimal outcomes through Living Health.  Living it and breathing it every day: to better understand the personal emotions, desires, and needs of every health experience — no matter how positive or negative that experience may be. Because only when you live it can you change it.

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Reconsidering the (Critical) Role of Patient Support Programs

The decline in the availability of primary and secondary health care providers, combined with rapidly increasing demand, has put the spotlight back on (re)activating PSPs. Specifically, PSPs that leverage a range of inputs from AI to virtual and in-person caregivers as they are critical to the health and healthcare continuum that society needs and expects.

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Best Practices for Marketers Developing Responsive Search Ads (RSA) in a World of Rapidly Evolving AI

The use of paid search advertising by pharmaceutical marketers is often regarded as “table stakes”, a must have tactic in your paid media arsenal that responds to precise moments in the patient journey unlike any other paid channel.

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What's Next – Activating AI to Improve Health Outcomes

Finally, the use of generative AI in healthcare may just be the catalyst to deliver on the vision of improving patient lives through better health outcomes.

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Health Care Professional Journey-Based Segmentation and Targeting

In recent years, health-marketers have undergone a dramatic transformation in their healthcare professional (HCP) marketing strategy. This evolution signifies a shift away from the conventional "market aggregation" approach, wherein all individuals are uniformly addressed, towards a more refined and targeted strategy.

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Our Approach 

We are guided by four principles in the pursuit of healthcare transformation. 


We’re empathetic listeners, focused on understanding the patient experience, and recognize that behind every person is a story that includes context, circumstance, and emotion. With profound understanding, life science expertise, consumer intelligence, and analytic solutions, we help health brands understand their customers like never before. 


We create ideas that are big enough to live anywhere, bold enough to chart new territory, and deep enough to connect personally. Modern creativity encourages healthy behavior changes made possible by future technology, made personal by data, and made powerful by emotion. 


By placing the customer at the heart of everything we do, we design connections created to deliver meaningful experiences for any health challenge to any audience — enhancing performance, empathy, and outcomes. 


It’s a mindset, a commitment that goes beyond providing new services and products. It means we embrace a new, imaginative approach that is vital to solving healthcare's most pressing challenges. By inventing today, we can innovate for tomorrow— impacting lives and redefining the world we live in.